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season getting down to business. ravens getting busy and ready for september football but the organization is making player cuts. >> reporter: you have camden yards over there, the intercontinental right there and then all of this. construction for the grand prix. i am linda so. what this means the next time you come to downtown baltimore. it's 6 in the morning on a tuesday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. yesterday, we had storms blow through mid-afternoon as forecasted by justin berk. any chance of a repeat today? >> let's hope not for some. we got a grateful dousing of rainfall but we don't want that some had to deal with. today, we dropped the humidity although it may not feel like it. there's manchester valley and carroll county. 70. a hint of haze and fog and we have that on the west side of baltimore. but we will be dropping the
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humidity. look at that wind direction northwest. that's good thing at glen oak. over all, we have temperatures now dropping. westminster 69. that is a beautiful thing. dropping out of the 70s for the first time in quite a while. 72 in fallston and 7 a in -- 75 in stephenville. we are dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. temperatures up to 91. hot and less humid and one more day of improve weather we will talk about in a moment. here tonya with our own local version the grand prix. >> reporter: i hope we don't see that out there at least not now. right now, harford road is closed at glen arm road due to some fallen trees. so be careful. use bel air instead. look at 95 north of 195. no incidents in your way here. we have traffic in both direction. 159 okay heading out to bwi. 50 eastbound at solomon's island road, delays there. debris on the off-ramp and you
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will see delays starting just before 97. broken water main at kenwood at rosedale. and hazelwood and rosedale a tractor trailer hit parked cars in dundalk. back to you guys. >> thanks. two minutes after six. in judging by what you have been writing on facebook, you are not happy. this after some of your favorite players have been told that they are getting released from the ravens. sherrie johnson is here to tell us who and what happens now. sherrie. >> reporter: the big talk among some players will be the cuts being made. especially to four ravens players who are being released. runningback willis mcgahee she todd heap kelly gregg and derrick mason will all be released. they wouldn't officially be cut until thursday afternoon. but they could stay on for a lower salary. we have learned that according to ravens, mason was watching his son's first youth football practice yesterday when he found out the team cut him.
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executive vice president and general manager called and told him that news. he had this to say with regard to the roster moves. this will give us the ability to make offers to our players we want to resign plus put us in a position to sign free agents from other teams. now yesterday, the nfl owners and players agreed on a 10-year deal that ends the league's lockout resolving the fight of how $9 billion in revenue is shared. clubs will start signing drafted rookies and opening facilities and camps. but the players being cut by the ravens have some fans just fuming. let's he head to the facebook fan page. we checked in with debbie and she says, now who are we supposed to depend on? not middleman rice broke down lewis and this -- broken down lewis. the team will go down the drain. the owners are crazy. and alan says heap paid five dames and -- games and is a cry baby and i am glad he is gone.
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mason are huge hits to the team. angry people have a lot to say. we want to hear what you have to say. feel free to sound off on the facebook fan page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. new this morning, they will their will be a special tribute to brooks robinson. construction started on a bronze statue depicting the orioles hall of famer throwing out a runner. it's located across from the northwest side of the camden yards. it will feature text about robinson and his career. the statue will be unveiled on october 22nd. abc2 is working for you this morning. an important warning to keep you from being ripped off. pay $900 or your power is going to be shut off. that was a threat made to a woman from a fake bge employee. the elderly woman wants her story told and identity anonymous. she received a call from a so-
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called bge worker hoin sift she was several years delinquent on payments. then the woman-- worker who insisted she was several years delinquent on payments. and then the woman sent a man to the door. >> she wanted that $900. >> she shut door on him and went to a neighbor's house and called 911 abge spokeswoman says a employee would never ask forcash payment even if they were delinquent and the power could be turned off. after thousands of participants were left without air conditioning during last week's extreme heat, the program allows the company to turn off participants cooling or heating units when the demand is at its highest. as friday's high temperatures were considered a emergency event. and those who were with the program were without air kg
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conditioning for six hours or -- air conditioning for six months or more. >> we are going look at how we communicate with customers techly customers -- particularly customers who may have signed up 3 or 4 years ago who may not have realized they were on a 75 or 100% cycling level and also to get customers to reevaluate if this cycling level or if this program in fact is good for me and my family. >> so far about 2500 people have cancel the participation in peak rewards as a result of friday's emergency outage. news time is 6:06. you are on your way to work and that means driving through the city. you have to watch for major changes downtown. it's part of the grand prix. and this morning, linda so is live in downtown with what this could mean in changes for your commute. hey, linda. >> reporter: hi, well, it means you are going to need a little bit more patience the next time you drive through the city because you know, what it's likely that you will probably
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see one of these signs. there's going to be a lot of them and it's all for the construction that's going on for the grand prix. and let me show outlatest that's going on. this is one of 16 grandstands that are going to be built around the two mile racetrack going around the city. construction on it began last night and while this work continues, expect traffic delays through the main drag of downtown. workers put down 9300 pounds of concrete in the inner harbor last night. it's the beginning of the wall that will protect people from those indy style cars zipping around at 200 miles an hour around the racetrack. the bulk of the work will be done overnight between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. but if you drive through the city, you will still notice some lanes being narrowed. >> any first year event is going to have issues with respect to traffic as people get used to the event and bringing the streets up to spec for it. >> reporter: the grandstands will be going up on the cushion
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and sidewalk air -- curbs and sidewalk areas but the construction means many of the lanes will be narrow. you can expect the narrow lanesthroughout the city until this race goes on which is labor day weekend and again there will be some periodic road closures closer to the event. they will shut down i-395 pier outcally for that -- periodically for the race on labor day weekend. live downtown, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. abc2 is always work for. you we have got maps and schedules and road closures. go to to find out how your life could be changed as a result of the grand prix. time is running out this morning to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. president obama made a speech to the nation last night e says the consequences of failing to raise the national debt right now that limit when it runs out august 2nd would be catastrophic. here's what he said how you
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could be impacted. >> interest rates would sky rocket on credit cards and mortgages and car loans. which amounts to a huge tax hike on the american people. >> democrats want the nation's debt ceiling raised through the end of 2012. republicans want a short-term fix with no tax increases and they are nowhere close a deal. protests are being planned as law makeers in washington are aingeeling over raising the debt ceiling. a rally is planned outside a representative andy harris' os and parse tis pants will -- can be participants demand he doesn't destroy the american dream by cutting medicare or medicaid. it starts at noon in bel air. a protest is scheduled outside the social security administration office in wood lawn over the ongoing debt debate in d.c. participants are saying they don't want to see any cuts social skewed in medicaid or medicare in the
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current negotiations. one woman on social security says the benefits have not gone up in three years and her rent has. and so have her other bills. >> they are not giving it to me. i earned it. i worked all my life and i earned my social security. >> we are following the negotiations and we will let you know what happens as more details become available. ten minutes after 6. a hearing today for a baltimore county man whose family says it's a matter of life and death. >> today there could be a decision about where he is going to go, back to prison or home. all of this during his final days as he battles life- threatening cancer. i have my rent and my car, and i have my gas money and to pay all the bills. really it hurts. sometimes i don't have enough. >> she may have more money in her pocket. we don't normally get to tell you about prices going down, but this morning we do. an incredible video of a tornado in action. this one in michigan.
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we will tell you where the boats were lifted right out of the water. first, up to new york for a look at this morning's business headlines. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, the national wealth gap at widest in the quarter century. acourtous to census average for white household is 18 times for hispanics and 20 times for blacks. the days are numbered for local post office today the postal service is expected to release a list of 3600 offices that might close and postal service did this two years ago and then only chose a handful for closing. netflix is wherein it's not adding subscribers as quickly as in the past and anticipates some cancellations. it's part of the backlash from last month's price hikes. and mcdonald's is unveiling a slimed down version of the happy meal today. kids get aels and -- apples and fewer fries and it gns appearing in september on
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menus. that's america's money.
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6:14. you have to check out the quick forming tornado this scared people on a lake in michigan. it lifted dock boats out of the water. the good news is no one was hurt and there was not much damage which is hard to believe when you hear that. people said the sky turned different colors including yellow and black. and we saw really wild weather here yesterday afternoon. the sky turned dark and it was a downpour of rain. >> huge rain drops formed yesterday justin. it was first the sideways blowing rain but then turned into a deluge. massive rain drops. >> and that was the potential for torrential downpours we talked about yesterday. and it came through in a hurry. some picked up over two inches
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of rain like near ellicott city. the storms blowing through with the big dark clouds. a lot of reports yesterday of really heavy downpours and flooding along the jones falls expressway. a couple report of fires as a result of lightning in annapolis: there were three trees hit -- there were three trees hit by lightning. six rows of corn were flat nd by the wind. thanks for that. some of you got stuck in the rough weather and baltimore had come through. it was fast and furious and we did have flood warnings yesterday. but that was just taking some of the steam out of the air. again we talked about the 60s back to the west. 69 mount airy and westminster. 65 middletown. and still holding 70s around the i-95 stretch. joppa to brooklyn park at 73. 72 in annapolis and n in eastern -- in easton at 72. look at the 60s found to the
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west. this pocket of air is what we have coming in for the next couple days. further northwest i. wanted to show you internation -- northwest, i wanted to show you international falls at 45. that is a hint of the chilly air that's not going to reach us but the source region building around this area of low pressure and frontal boundary diving through the great lakes. megan talked about the twisters at one caught in michigan along the frontal 3w07bdry. and this will be the -- boundary. and this will be the final push of that system coming into our region. lower humidity today and we step behind that system going in through tomorrow. and that system tries to swing through with limited energy as we head through the evening. mostly sunny, hot day today. but the drop in the humidity makes it feel better. late clouds and maybe a stray shower and behind that, we drop things so most of us drop into the 60s by tomorrow morning. and noticeable drop in the humidity makes tomorrow the best day of the week weather wise. before that junk and i mean
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that junk come backs -- comes back for the end of the week. more tolerable and an evening shower and clearing out overnight dropping to 67. we clear and drop humidity, the temperatures drop -- humidity, the temperatures drop low enough to produce fog. we are back into the mid-90s on thursday and friday the hottest at 98 and maybe an evening thunderstorm and afternoon showers. most of the day will be dry but still hot and sticky on the weekend. there's the junk i am talking with highs back in the low to mid-90s. hopefully no junk on the road. >> reporter: well, we have a little bit. first thing we have a disabled vehicle in the road at the fort mchenry tunnel at 95 northbound at the tunnel. be careful passing through. let's look at the beltway. we are okay here. no junk in the road there. we are doing fine with the outer loop to the left of the screen. 50 east at the solomon's island road ramp where the junk is in the road. debris on the off-ramp. these are drive times. they are not being affected by anything on 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway.
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5 minutes there. 95 southbound out of white marsh, 6 minutes and traveling the outer loop, 795 to 70, 7 minutes, 6 minutes bel air to providence. this is where we have debris 50 east at solomon. and our tractor trailer accident in dundalk is there. it hit parked cars north point road at rose bank avenue. also 70 west at security boulevard, junk in the road. debris no lane information for you. we will try to fine out more. charley. >> thanks. you could be paying less for your prescriptions. a number of the best selling drugs will lose patents during the next two years including lipitor and plavik. -- plarix. -- plavix. you can only cash in if you bitegeneric version but are they as good. >> it's the same chemical and
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the exact same milligram amount exact active ingredients. these are the block buster drugs that are genericcally available and they are lower cost. >> how much lower? today lipitor retails for 150 dollars a month. and the generic is expected to go for about $20 a month. you may drink it in an effort to lose weight but hang on. the 12 year study ties diet soda to bigger waist lines. according to an article in the detroit paper, the researchers look at 474 people between 65 and 74. and it found on average those who drank diet soda end up with waist lines that grew 3 times more than those who avoided them. no doubt you heard cranberries and the juice help prevent urinary track infection but how does it compare with antibiotics. 2 # 1 women were treated for a year with cranberry capsules or a low dose antibiotic. and here's what researchers
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found. the antibiotic group had 1.8 recurrence compared to 4 for those who had the cranberry treatment. we are getting new sad stories out of oslo. >> new videos surfaced in the aftermath of the deadly bombing. also ahead this morning, we will tell you about the story out of norway and also ahead, the faa is trying to figure out what caused an emergency on one busy u.s. airline. we will tell you. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at #:30. clear -- 4:30. clear. time for birth days and we have a number of them today. nancy, mark, mark and barbara they are celebrating a birthday. happy birthday to all of you and everyone celebrating a birthday today. but megan, the picture of the day is this. >> george and abe, the yellow labs celebrating the first birthday. danielle and paul are the proud owners want to wish them a happy birthday. we do too in if you have photos with the -->> if you have
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photos with information, send it to -- back in a bit. ♪
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welcome back. new video in the deadly aftermath of that bombing in norway. an amateur to haver shot the images in -- photographer shot the image in oslo emmett said -- oslo. he said it was like a war zone. >> emotional for the whole country of norway and the whole world i think it's emotional. we are crying inside and it's kids at that park. >> the car bomb was one of two attacks on friday in norway. the second a shooting at a youth camp claiming 86 people and the number has been dropped. more than 90 people were wound and others remain missing at both crime scenes. action is taken this morning after the deadly train accident in china. 39 people were killed when two
6:25 am
bullet trains collided. the chinese government has now ordered a two month nationwide safety campaign before the railway system. the situation in somalia is dire. millions are caught in the grip of drought and famine and theu.n. is calling for help. official say the situation is "catastrophic." u.n. aid agencies head a emergency meeting and say they will need a billion more dollars to deal with the crisis. the worst drought in 60 years led people traveling for days on foot doing all they can to get food and water. the big rally in tel aviv. a cnn i reporter took the photos of people gathered to protest against rising housing prices. and other grieve ands against the governmentch the reporter says the particular rally was pretty unusual. it started up as a facebook group and for the most part remained apolitical. it looks like something out of a hollywood movie. >> the explanation behind what happened is not so dramatic.
6:26 am
hard to believe, but we will tell you. a traininger -- stranger comes in and it's demeaning. and i didn't appreciate him being in my house, period. >> don't let that calm demeanor fool you. you don't mess with this granny. what she has a -- when she has a louisville slugger in her hand. a man learned that lesson the hard way. if someone were dying of cancer, would it be okay to let him out of prison? i am linda so, it's decision made in a baltimore courtroom today. we will have details up next.
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it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." >> the president wanted a blank check six months ago and wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> no agreement as deadline draws near. what the debt crisis means for you if the government can't get a deal passed. a big announcement hours away from the u.s. postal service. we are going to let you know which offices they want to shut down and they say more than 3600 are on the list. the familiar sound. grandstands are going up overnight construction continues and

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